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Rant – Become Iron Man

This is a late to the party post, but last week I had the chance to try out Marvel’s Become Iron Man simulation in Dublin. Continue reading

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Rant – JDIFF 2013

After what seems like months of craziness, the 11th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival came to a close last night. Before the Surprise Film (Welcome to the Punch), the Jury, made up of members of the Dublin Film Critics Circle and presided over by the ever wonderful Tara Brady (The Irish Times) stopped arguing and gave the awards for the festival. Continue reading

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Rant – What the hell, Academy?

The nominations for the 85th Academy Awards were announced last Thursday, and the internet immediately went into overdrive. Where were the nominations for Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson? What about The Hunt and Marion Cotillard’s Rust and Bone? My nomination predictations are here, and now I get to go on a rant and ask What the hell, Academy? And also give my predictions as to who will win the major categories.

Warning: contains hyperbole.

Continue reading

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Rant – The Golden Globes, 2013

Wow, I am more than a little late to this party! I find it difficult to believe that the Golden Globes are tomorrow night; they totally snuck up on me!

Anyway, it is typical for me to post my predictions about the winners, and be pretty much wrong, but have fun doing it, so here goes… Continue reading

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Rant – Oscar Nominations – Predictions

It is that time of year again where film fanatics gather in unlikely places and discuss who should be Oscar nominated, and for what. We all know that we have two lists; those that should win, and those that we think will actually win. That’s for another time though. For now, here are my predictions as to which films will be nominated, and we will find out on Thursday whether I am right or horrifically wrong… Continue reading

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Rant – Cinema 2012

2012 was quite the year for cinema. We had blockbusters, indie wonders, foreign language cinema that enthralled, unexpected triumphs… The list goes on. Continue reading

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Rant – 135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema

Cinema is beautiful.

Movies have the power to transport us to another world, envelop us in it and make us feel at home.

It is all too easy to forget this. Continue reading

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Rant – Beware the Wheelers

Last week, @guardianfilm tweeted a link to a scene from Return To Oz in which Dorothy is cornered by the Wheelers. Continue reading

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Rant – And The Oscar goes to…

So the Oscar nominations are finally out, and there is plenty to talk about. An interesting mix this year. Obviously I am delighted for The Artist, but someone made a very valid point to me yesterday about expecting a backlash against the film that is sweeping the board at awards ceremonies around the world. I am also delighted for The Tree of Life and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which were sadly ignored at the Golden Globes. Continue reading

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