Cinema Review – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander (Ed Oxenbould) is used to having terrible days, but his family seems to have everything sorted out; his Mum (Jennifer Garner) is a hotshot publisher, his Dad (Steve Carell) is a househusband with a new job on the horizon, his sister (Kerris Dorsey) has the lead in her school play, and his older brother (Dylan Minnette) is about to go to prom. At midnight on his 12th birthday, Alexander makes a wish that his family would know what it would be like to be in his shoes for once, and the next day turns out to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Northern Soul

John (Elliot James Langridge) is considered by his family and those in his Lancashire neighbourhood to be a bit of a reclusive oddball. When his mother convinces him to go to a youth club to try and make some friends, John becomes fascinated with Matt (Josh Whitehouse), his music taste and his dance moves. The pair become fast friends, and dream of going to America to procure records that no-one in England has ever heard. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Judge

When his mother dies, Hank (Robert Downey Jr) reluctantly returns to his hometown for her funeral. While there, he catches up with his old flame Sam (Vera Farmiga) and tries his best not to get involved with his father; the town’s judge. Just as he tries to leave, however, Hank discovers that his father (Robert Duvall) is suspected of murder and is drawn back into family life. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Palo Alto

April (Emma Roberts) is a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, who is struggling with her flirty relationship with a teacher, and the feelings she has for her friend Teddy (Jack Kilmer). Teddy is constantly overshadowed by his friend Fred (Nat Wolff), and goes along with his ideas for the sake of acceptance. These three people have to figure out where they belong in the world, and how their lives align together. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Maze Runner

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) awakens in a box hurtling to an unknown place, with no idea who he is or where he is going. His destination is The Glades, a community populated with young men like himself, and surrounded by an intricate maze that hosts unknown horrors. It’s not long before Thomas decides he wants to join ‘the Runners’, who search the maze for a shot at escape. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – ‘71

Deployed to Northern Ireland at the start of the Troubles, Gary Hook (Jack O’Connell) finds himself lost and wounded on the streets of Belfast, when a riot separates him from the rest of his unit. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Calling

When an elderly woman is murdered in a small Canadian town, Detective Hazel Micallef (Susan Sarandon) is dragged into a case that has links to others across the country, and may not be as simple as she first thought. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Gone Girl








After Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, it’s not long before the finger of suspicion is pointed at her husband Nick (Ben Affleck). As the small Minnesota town goes into overdrive searching for Amy, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Dracula Untold

Having spent many years in the Turkish army against his will, Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) has returned home to rule Transylvania in peace. When Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), commander of the Turks and former friend of Vlad demands 1,000 Transylvanian boys – including Vlad’s son – to boost his army, Vlad goes to extraordinary lengths to protect his kingdom and his family. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Dolphin Tale 2

Although she was rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and fitted with a prosthetic tail to help her swim, Winter the dolphin’s life takes a turn for the complicated when her companion dolphin dies. It’s against US law to have a dolphin without company in an aquarium, so the staff of the aquarium must find a new friend for Winter before she is moved to a new home. Continue reading

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