Cinema Review – The Man From U.N.C.L.E

In 1963, CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) and KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) are forced to work together to take down a mysterious criminal organisation, with the help of Gaby (Alicia Vikander), a German mechanic whose rocket scientist father has gone missing. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Precinct Seven Five

In 1982, the 75th precinct of the New York Police Department was one of the most corrupt in the city’s history. Into this world strolled young cop Michael Dowd, who soon realised he could make a fortune by playing both sides of the police/criminal divide. Dowd drew his partner Kenny Eurell into his underworld dealings, and they lived like kings for several years. Now director Tiller Russell’s documentary allows Dowd, Eurell and the criminals they worked for, to tell the story of corruption in precinct seven five in their own words. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Mistress America

Tracy (Lola Kirke) has moved to New York to go to college but, as she tells her Mum on the phone, she is finding is a lonely experience; she feels like she is at a party where she doesn’t know anyone, all the time. Enter Brooke (Greta Gerwig), an older woman who is as adventurous as Tracy is quiet. The two women’s parents are soon to be married, and this gives them a chance to spend time together. Tracy finds Brooke fascinating, and soon makes her the subject of her new short story, but without her knowledge. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Pixels

In the summer of 1982, Brenner (Adam Sandler) and his friends compete in a video game championship, only to be beaten to the title by Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage). Footage of the event is put into a capsule and sent into space, for aliens to see what life on Earth is life, and promptly forgotten about. Over 30 years later, Brenner is installs tech for a living and his best friend Cooper (Kevin Jams) is the US President. When aliens attack in the form of classic arcade game characters, Cooper turns to his best friend for help and, with the help of some old friends, band together to stop the aliens the only way they know how; by playing to win. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Trainwreck

Amy (Amy Schumer) is a woman in her 30s with a successful career as a magazine writer. Although her professional life may be on point, her personal life is less so, with her having a string of one night stands – without the knowledge of her boyfriend – and her father being moved to a care home. When Amy meets the charming and sweet Aaron (Bill Hader), and the two start dating, she has to overcome her fear of commitment, and fast. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Max

After his handler Kyle (Robbie Amell) is killed in an attack in Afghanistan, military dog Max seems doomed to be put down, until he meets Kyle’s younger brother, the surly teenager Justin (Josh Wiggins). The two form a bond, with Justin the only one able to get past Max’s PTSD, and Max bringing Justin out of his shell. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Fantastic Four

Four young scientists find a way to teleport to another dimension, and find themselves altered in shocking and new ways when they return. The four must come to terms with their new powers and band together as friends to stop a former friend from destroying the Earth. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Against the backdrop of San Francisco in the late 1970s, 15-year-old Minnie (Bel Powley) strikes up an affair with her mother’s boyfriend Monroe (Alexander Skarsgard). This opens Minnie up to a new world of experiences, but her almost compulsive desire to document her young life inevitably leads to her secrets being discovered. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Manglehorn

Angelo (Al Pacino) works as a locksmith and key-maker, but lives a reclusive life with his cat, and spends his time mourning a long lost love. When he finally makes friends with Dawn (holly Hunter), a bank clerk with romance on her mind, the time comes for Angelo to finally confront the choices he has made that are holding him back. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – A Doctor’s Sword

There is a Japanese sword in MacCarthy’s Bar in Castletownbere, Cork. The sword was gifted to an Irish doctor who served in the RAF in World War II and, although it was one of Aidan MacCarthy’s most prized possessions, it has always been unclear as to how it came into his possession. MacCarthy’s daughters Adrienne and Nicola, together with archive audio of MacCarthy himself, unravel the mystery of the sword, and the incredible life of Dr Aidan MacCarthy. Continue reading

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