Cinema Review – Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is getting a bad name. I would like to point out, first and foremost, that the book is an “airport” book, one you grab on the way to a transatlantic flight. The movie is the same kind of idea. It was never meant to challenge your ideal, but to be good fun and entertaining, and it is both of these things.

With regards to plot, I was slightly saddened that they changed the controversy from the book and added in the Hadron Collider, I thought the twists and turns in the book were a lot more gripping, but it did the job and was fine. It is true that there is little character development through the movie, but it doesn’t detract too much. My biggest two complaints were the fact that it dragged on a bit towards the end and *that* shot of Ewan parachuting to earth. Cringe-worthy.

It seems that Ron Howard and co have learned from their mistakes from The DaVinci Code and made the movie clearer and simpler. Hanks reprises his role just fine and it is great to see Ewan back on screen – he is not challenged in the role, but he is still great, he has just the right wide-eyed innocent and morally outraged look to make his character work.

Overall, the movie is fun and entertaining. It is designed to be popcorn for the brain and this is exactly what it is.

Rating: 3/5

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