Cinema Review – JDIFF 2010: Accident (Yi Ngoi)

Accident focuses on a gang of professional killers who work to contract. The interesting thing about this gang is the fact that they do not commit murders, as such. Rather, they watch their targets and set up an accident for them to walk into. When a job goes wrong, however, gang front man and brain Ho Kwok-fai descends into paranoia while trying to unravel the truth about an accident that befell his team.

The accident that befalls a crime boss at the start of the film is inspired. The man falls victim to his own impatience, and for someone watching from outside the situation, it truly was a freak accident. This is the first of many intricately and meticulously planned shots throughout the film and it is this attention to detail that makes the film one to watch.

The problem with Accident, however, is that once Ho Kwok-fai’s team fall foul of an accident or two, Ho retreats into his own paranoia, trying to discover who is out to get him. This is where the film gets muddled and muddy. Ho moves into a new apartment to be close to the man he is watching, but it takes the audience a few moments to realise who this person is, and what connection he had to the job that went wrong. Instead of focussing on the genius of the gang, the film hones in on the disintegration of Ho’s mental state.

That said, however, the film is gripping, and once you have figured out who everyone is and their relation to one another, you are truly curious as to who is out to get the gang members. The conclusion of the film is slightly obvious, but it is done in such a way that once you follow the narrative closely, it is still a satisfying resolution to an interesting movie.

The only problem is, it is only a matter of time before there is a US remake, and I suspect it is going to suck.

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