Cinema Review – JDIFF 2010: One Hundred Mornings

One Hundred Mornings is the new film from Irish writer/director Conor Horgan. The film centres on two couples who are holed up in a lakeside cabin. Society as they, and we, know it has broken down, communication lines are down and food, and trust, are scarce. They must band together to survive.

At the start of One Hundred Mornings we learn that the radios are no longer working. Not long after that we hear hat things like cigarettes are in short supply, and we begin to wonder, what happened? Who are these people that are holed up together in a remote cabin, who are they to one another and how did they get there? These questions soon fade out, however, as a new one replaces them… How are they going to survive?

This is no zombie apocalypse, the only evil that these two couples have to face are the demons within them and the always pressing concern of where their next meal is going to come from. One Hundred Mornings is an interesting study of humanity, and what it takes for people to lose theirs. Before long, the couples are fighting among themselves, the gardaí are no longer trying to protect them but taking what little supplies they have left, and when Mark is badly injured, his wife learns that she has one weapon left up her sleeve which allows her to get what she needs.

Ultimately, you end up rooting for these people, even though they are far from perfect. They lie, cheat, steal and eventually kill in order to make their lives in the barren mountain landscape they are in a little bit more bearable. It is the connections that they make with each other that makes the film as interesting as it is, and it was a turn of genius by writer/director Horgan not to focus on the catastrophe that led to their isolation, but focus on the after effects of what surely is the end of modern Irish life as we know it.

One Hundred Mornings is definitely worth watching and although it is ever so slightly too long, it leaves the audience wondering, what they would have done differently.

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