Cinema Review – JDIFF 2010: Please Give

The cast of Please Give is fantastic – Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Oliver Platt – but as we have learned with films that have a fantastic cast, sometimes they are making up for what they lack in story.

Please Give is ultimately pointless. While some of the characters go through a very small arc of self discovery, very little is resolved at the end of the film. Catherine Keener’s character does not find out that her husband has been sleeping with Mary (Amanda Peet). Rebecca (Rebecca Hall) manages to get a date, and when her grandmother dies, get free of the constraints that were put on her life, but in the end the biggest change for the characters is that Kate (Catherine Keener) is willing to buy her daughter a pair of $200 jeans rather than give money to the homeless.

A sad end to a film that had a lot of promise, and a disappointing replacement for New York, I Love You in JDIFF 2010.

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