Trailer Talk – Jeff Who Lives At Home

Jeff is a slacker in his mid-30s who still lives in his mother’s basement, he believes in fate, but does not have the motivation to make things happen for himself. When he is dispatched on an errand for his mother he may finally discover his destiny, through a series of unexpected events.

I have to say, I like Jason Segel and Ed Helms. They are in two of the best comedy shows on TV in recent years – How I Met Your Mother and The Office – and they have both proven that they have strong on screen presence. Susan Sarandon and the wonderful Judy Greer back them up in this film.

As with any trailer worth it’s salt, this one tells the majority of story in under two minutes, without giving away too many plot points. Jason Segel is playing a character who is a little more hippie-esque than we are used to – his next on screen outing is the wholesome and sweet reboot of The Muppets – but the frayed edges of this character are what make him interesting. We want to see more of the man who goes on an adventure with his brother, and car surfs down what is probably the I10 interstate outside New Orleans. Ed Helms is Pat, Jeff’s tightly wound brother. While it may seem that Pat has it all together, it quickly becomes clear that he is as stuck as Jeff is. Susan Sarandon is their mother, and she looms over this trailer. She is the catalyst that makes Jeff leave the house, and it is obvious that Pat conforms to her expectations and Jeff doesn’t.

The line that stands out in the trailer is “It is one of the most important things in life, finding someone who sees you exactly as you are”. All of the characters have found themselves stuck – in one way or another – and this line sums up what they are all searching for. It is interesting that this film is set in New Orleans, as fate and destiny – of one believes in such concepts – have increasingly come to play in Louisiana in recent years.

The trailer for Jeff Who Lives At Home is succinct and to the point; this is a film about finding your destiny and where you belong. It does not feel dissimilar to Away We Go – the 2009 Sam Mendes film (which I adore) and does what every trailer should do; it teases and makes the audience curious. It shows the film has a warm heart and Jeff’s small triumphs are sure to be something we can all relate to.

Based on this trailer – and the fact that the film is set in New Orleans, Metarie and Baton Rouge and is not about the Storm – my interest is piqued.

Jeff Who Lives At Home is released in Ireland on April 2oth

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