Trailer Talk – Kilt by Ruff McLauren (A trailer for Disney Pixar’s Brave)

This new trailer for Disney Pixar’s Brave made me giggle.

Instead of focusing on the story of Merida and her desire to live life her way, this short little trailer hones in on the item of clothing that Pixar animators found it most difficult to render; the Kilt.

The kilt is a CG animator’s nightmare since it must look like it is made from wool, and have a certain flow to it. That is why this trailer is so clever; it celebrates all the hard work the animators put in to make the clothing look authentic. As well as this, it also takes the mick out of the kilt just a little bit, and reminds audiences of the temporal and geographical setting of Brave.

Clever, clever, clever. And rather funny.

Brave is released in Irish cinemas on August 17th.

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