Why So Serious? Movie Reviews – The Twilight Saga Special

Rory Cashin and Brogen Hayes are back on your internet box with a very special episode of Why So Serious?

The Twilight Saga has finally come to an end, and we took the opportunity to look back on the series as a whole. Including the newly released Breaking Dawn part 2.

We’re sorry, Twihards, we just don’t get it.

Thanks to Mary Burke and Brian Lloyd for making us look so damn good!

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Why So Serious? Movie Reviews returns to an internet near you in November.

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One thought on “Why So Serious? Movie Reviews – The Twilight Saga Special

  1. Alan Buckley says:

    The Twilight series is just one of those things. If you’re not the target market (and I’m really not the target market), then you just won’t get it. Genuine teenage angst I can handle: A Swedish Love Story, Rebel without a cause, Thirteen, Heavenly Creatures, Donnie Darko, Dazed and Confused, Fucking Åmål (Show me Love), The Basketball Diaries, Heathers, Juno, to name just a few. Since when did they have to be so far up their own arses? One thing I could never get: why the fuck was Bella so fucking beguiling? She is a moody cow who can barely string complete sentences together without gurning out a pout fest or rolling her eyes. Don’t fall madly in love with her, kick her up the hole. Rant over.

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