Rant – JDIFF 2013

After what seems like months of craziness, the 11th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival came to a close last night. Before the Surprise Film (Welcome to the Punch), the Jury, made up of members of the Dublin Film Critics Circle and presided over by the ever wonderful Tara Brady (The Irish Times) stopped arguing and gave the awards for the festival.

The award! Look how pretty! Photo credit: Daniel Anderson

We gathered in the Irish Film Institute (IFI) to present the awards and, after managing to set off the smoke alarm while welcoming Rory Cashin (entertainment.ie) and Brian Lloyd (iRadio) to the Circle, handed out the following awards…

Best FilmVanishing Waves
Best Director – Mikhail Segal, Short Stories
Best Actor – Aleksey Vertkov, White Tiger
Best Actress – Dilan Aksüt, Night of Silence
Best Debut – Maja Milos, Clip
Best Screenplay – Oriol Paulo, Lara Sendim, The Body
Best DocumentaryFar Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story
Best Irish FeatureBabygirl
Best Irish DocumentaryGet the Picture
Best Cinematography – Oleg Mutu, Beyond the Hills
Jury PrizeBlancanieves
Jury PrizeAfter Lucia
Jury Prize – The King of Pigs
Michael Dwyer Discovery Award – Claire Dix, Broken Song

I apologise now to the team behind Blancanieves for my terrible Spanish pronunciation when presenting their award, and congratulate all the winners for doing so well.

Being on the JDIFF Jury is one of the most stressful and rewarding things I have ever done – I saw 62 films in the festival – and I thank my fellow jurors (Donald Clarke, Daniel Anderson, Nicola Timmins, Paul Byrne, John Maguire, Gavin Burke and David O’Mahony) for their support and some incredibly funny email conversations. My biggest thanks go to Tara Brady for motivating us and keeping us sane and to Festival Director Gráinne Humphreys for putting together such a strong and diverse programme that led to some wonderful arguments.

Cheery bunch, aren’t we? Photo Credit: JDIFF

So that’s it for another year. JDIFF is over and I am now looking towards Cannes to distract me from the lack of festivals in my life. JDIFF is always a manic, fun and wonderful 10 days, and this year I laughed, cried and rejoiced throughout the festival. I also drank a lot of Jameson, got starstruck when I saw Danny DeVito, was consistently in the way when Cillian Murphy was trying to walk around and had Tim Roth consistently in my way on the same night (It was a strange night!). As well as this I danced the night away several times, wrote nearly 30,000 words and shook from head to toe in fangirly fear (Joss Whedon, I am looking at you!).

Joss Whedon! ARGH!
Interview will be published on Movies.ie in June

So while I am sad that it’s all over, the good news is that I get to sleep for more than 4 hours a night and my email inbox is suddenly under control once more.

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful JDIFF… See you all in 2014!

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