Cinema Review – Riddick

Riddick (Vin Diesel) finds himself stranded on a hostile planet, so he gives away his location to bounty hunters in the hopes of finding a way off the world. Er… That’s it.

No really, that’s it. Riddick is the thinnest story I have had the displeasure of seeing on screen in a long time. The lead character has been double crossed and spends a large chunk of the film mending his wounds, becoming immune to venom and befriending an alien puppy, before taking on the bounty hunters who will get double if they bring him back dead.

There is almost nothing here that is worth recommending. Vin Diesel does not so much play a character as he does show off his admittedly soothing voice, and the rest of the cast have so little to contend with in terms of character that it is actually laughable. These characters are drawn so thin and so stereotypically that they are utterly predictable.

The film is ambitious in trying to shape the world that Riddick finds himself in, but it is so obvious that every single shot is done on a sound stage, that there is no moment where the audience is allowed to believe the setting. As well as this, the visual effects feel as though they were knocked up in about 15 minutes, and that’s including the liberal use of slow-mo. The aliens start off being kind of interesting, but soon lose any edge that they have, when they are so easily overcome by our ‘hero’.

Writer/director David Twohy brought us the first two Riddick films, but any hope we may have had that this is better than his 1995 screenwriting outing, Waterworld, is sadly unfounded. The dialogue feels as though it was transplanted from a 1980s telenovella, the story is so thin as to be utterly laughable and entirely predictable, and it seems that any direction the cast were given was one worded.

There is literally nothing I can say at this point to recommend Riddick. It is one dimensional, predictable and, for all that it is filled with menacing aliens, boring. Vin Diesel proves that he should stay with the Fast and Furious franchise, as he will not be troubling the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences any time soon, and David Twohy reminds us why he has directed little other than the Riddick films… And A Perfect Getaway. Poor Katee Sackhoff, she was pretty great in Battlestar Galactica.

Rating: 0/5

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