Cinema Review – That Awkward Moment

When one of their number is dumped, three best friends make a pact to stay single; the trouble is that the bachelors find their flings are turning serious. Suddenly the awkward moment changes from breaking up to staying together.

That Awkward Moment is essentially a buddy comedy that has a spanner thrown in the works with the introduction of what could be true love. Michael B. Jordan, as Mikey, is the nice guy of the three friends. Jordan allows Mikey to be one of the guys, but keeps him in touch with romance as he persues the woman he believes to be the love of his life. Jordan is sweet and warm, but also plays with the dynamic between the three friends.

Zac Efron shines as Jason, the player with the heart of gold. Efron makes Jason a likeable rogue; a guy who doesn’t want to hurt his one night stands, but doesn’t want to be with them either. Miles Teller rounds out the trio as Daniel; the crudest and messiest of the three. Teller was perhaps the best thing about last year’s 21 and Over, and in That Awkward Moment it is clear to see that he has developed and grown as an actor. The girls are made up of Imogen Poots as Ellie, and Mackenzie Davis as Chelsea. Both girls are as well rounded as the guys; displaying that women need not be just girly objects of affection when it comes to bromantic comedies.

That Awkward Moment is writer/director Tom Gormican’s debut and he manages well. There is a level of competence in his direction that implies experience in other media, and That Awkward Moment was on the Black List of the best unproduced scripts in 2010. However, while this is a perfectly fine piece of writing and directing, it feels awfully familiar. Other than some petty larceny and some rather beautiful locations, That Awkward Moment feels like a film we have seen 100 times or more. There is very little wrong with that – the film is very entertaining – but this familiarity can lead to parts of the film struggling to hold audience attention.

That Awkward Moment has a great cast whose chemistry sparkles, reminding us of Efron’s roots, and that Teller has more to him than idiotic party boy. That said, it does feel that we have seen Tom Gormican’s film before in another incarnation. That awkward Moment is fun, but nothing incredibly new.

Rating: 3/5

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