Cinema Review – Endless Love

Jade (Gabriella Wilde) is the quiet girl at school, after her brother died young she retreated into herself, but David (Alex Pettyfer) could always see there was something special about this girl. After a chance encounter brings them closer together, Jade and Alex begin an intense relationship, a relationship that her father Hugh (Bruce Greenwood) is deeply opposed to.

Endless Love is billed as a remake of the 1981 Franco Zeffirelli film of the same name, but other than sharing a name, it is difficult to see how the two films are related. Whereas the 1981 film was a story of love, obsession and death, this new version of the story feels rather like an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, with about the same amount of depth and emotion.

Alex Pettyfer plays David as your average boy next door, and comes off as vapid and uninteresting. Gabriella Wilde seems about 25 years younger than Pettyfer, which makes the film even more creepy, and although the pair look good together, Wilde’s character is about as vapid as Pettyfer’s and she spends much of the film swinging from euphoric highs to screeching lows, all of which begin to wear on the audience. As well as this, Wilde seems only capable of expressing her character’s emotion through running and dancing through scenic places, which is pretty, but emotionally dull.

Joely Richardson, as Jade’s mother Ann, does her best with what she is given, but her infatuation with the young man who is romancing her daughter is never developed, and comes off as weird. Bruce Greenwood chews his way through every piece of scenery available and never develops his character beyond shouty, controlling father.

Screenwriters Shana Feste and Joshua Safran seemed to take the original film, remove anything that may be slightly interesting and create a vapid film filled with vapid people. The dialogue is completely over the top and the characters underdeveloped, leaving us with a lifeless affair between two consenting adults whose parents disapprove. This may sound familiar, but Romeo and Juliet this ain’t. As director, Shana Feste draws out the melodrama of every scene and filling time with montages and fireworks. As a result, Endless Love is more of a music video crossed with an Hollister ad, than narrative film that is satisfying in any way.

Endless Love is a vapid, thin and oddly melodramatic music video/Gap ad. The dialogue is ridiculous and choices made leave the characters and their motivations feeling like they come from a place of creepiness, rather than anything even resembling love. Pettyfer and Wilde are paper thin and Greenwood is so torturously over the top, it’s laughable.

Rating: 1/5

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