Cinema Review – About Last Night

After a night out, Bernie (Kevin Hart) regales his best friend Danny (Michael Ealy) with tales of the wonderful woman he met. As the girls make their way to the bar, Joan (Regina Hall) tells her version of the story to her best friend Debbie (Joy Bryant). Almost inevitably, Debbie and Danny hit it off and we follow the couple through the first year of their relationship together.

The director of Hot Tub Time Machine brings us a remake of the 80s classic About Last Night, and somehow manages to make it one of the most clichéd and uninspiring films of the year so far. Each of the actors fits within their stereotypical role perfectly, and are given no room to grow or develop their characters; the heartbroken guy who has been off the market for a long time, his loudmouthed and crass best friend, the loud mouthed and crass woman and her quiet yet nagging best friend.

Kevin Hart continues his run of playing irritating characters with Bernie, and there is very little that he says that is not offensive, vulgar or cruel. Michael Ealy plays a man as vanilla as they come – although he has a lovely apartment. Regina Hall could not be more of the stereotypical African American loud mouth if she tried and Joy Bryant is almost as vanilla as Ealy, although with a dash of nagging harpy thrown in for good measure. That said, almost none of this is the fault of the actors, as Leslye Headland’s screenplay is clichéd and predictable, with wooden dialogue and stereotypical characters.

Director Steve Pink never allows the characters to develop further than what we see when we first encounter them, and seems content in making an uninspired and uninspiring film. Remakes are surely meant to say something the original didn’t? If this is the case, then the remake of About Last night is designed to remind audiences that people suck and will always let you down.

About Last Night is dull and bland. The characters grate after just a few minutes and their motivations are almost never explained. The jokes don’t land and the romance is anything but romantic. There is nothing about this film that redeems it from being simply one of the worst remakes to ever grace our screens.

Rating: 1/5

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