Cinema Review – Road

Motorbike road racing is not only a hugely competitive sport, but it is one of the most dangerous of all motor sports. Two Northern Irish men dominated the sport for many years, Road is the story of Robert and Joey Dunlop; their lives, their legacy and those left behind.

Even if you are not a fan of motorbike racing, or you find yourself wondering what could possess someone to fling themselves around public roads at hundreds of miles an hour, it is not hard to understand the passion and determination of the Dunlop Brothers. Road examines their lives and careers, and the legacy they left behind, especially since Robert’s two sons followed him into racing.

Joey and Robert are fascinating racers and people, being, as they were, so opposite to one another in their attitudes towards fame and prosperity. Both were entirely engaged with their passion for the sport, but they dealt with the trappings of fame in different ways. In this way, Road becomes the story of family, love and loyalty and finding a balance between life and danger.

As well as being the story of racers, Road is also the story of the sport as a whole. As Joey and Robert grew more skilled, the sport became more and more popular, turning public attention onto the brave souls who took their lives into their hands on the roads. As well as this, Road is the story of passion and love, as we see the Dunlop family torn apart and brought back together by road racing.

Road is a well formed and wonderfully narrated film that leaves the audience with the feeling that they may not understand the urge to get up on a bike and race, but that we can all understand passion and determination. The elder Dunlop brothers are celebrated and eulogised in a fitting and engaging manner, and the younger brothers shown to be the strong and fearless racers that they are; after all, last week William crashed at the Isle of Man TT, while his brother went on to take the title. A fitting example of the dangers and thrills that come with the sport.

Rating: 3.5/5

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