Cinema Review – Step Up: All In

There’s a dance competition and people enter it with the hope of winning, turning their lives around and getting a couple of days in Las Vegas to boot.

There has to be a market for the Step Up movies, seeing as they keep getting made, but the trouble is that they just keep getting worse. The story this time sees people giving up on their dreams and returning home, with one plucky dancer – Sean (Ryan Guzman) – staying behind to work on his dreams. All the stars of the previous movies turn up here for their last dance in the spotlight, so fans will be delighted, but there is really very little on offer here.

There is really very little point in discussing performances, because John Swetnam’s script is the typical underdog dancer story with plenty of melodrama and fraught emotion thrown in. The dialogue is overly simple, and the performances are so wooden and filled with ‘ACTING’ that they turn unintentionally comedic.

Those waiting for the dancing to redeem the movie can calm down now. There has been way better dancing in earlier instalments in the franchise; the best sequence is a small one between two characters, the group scenes simply fail to impress. As for the 3D, it seems as though we sat through the entire movie with the uncomfortable glasses on, for one scene where some sand is kicked at the audience. As well as this, Las Vegas is completely underused as a setting; we spend much of the time in America’s Playground checking out basements, admittedly fancy hotel rooms and a rollercoaster graveyard. There’s very little dancing done on The Strip, and what dancing there is, is underwhelming.

In all, Step Up: All In is a film for the diehard fans of the franchise. The story is predictable, the performances laughable and the dancing disappointing.

Rating: 1/5

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