Cinema Review – Sex Tape

The thrill has long since gone out of Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay’s (Jason Segel) marriage. One night, they find themselves without the kids and in possession of a new iPad, so decide to make a sex tape to spice up their lovemaking. When the video syncs with the many iPads that Jay has given away, the couple find themselves in a race against time to destroy the evidence before their friends, family and prospective colleagues see it.

It really seems as though Hollywood is running out of ideas since anyone who has used an iPad, iPhone or in fact any type of smart phone or tablet, knows that there is a very easy way to get rid of videos that have been synced between devices. Thus, this film need never have been made, and what a wonderful place a world without it would be.

Cameron Diaz plays her usual type of chirpy character; only this time she – very unconvincingly – has kids. Sigh. Jason Segel plays his usual overgrown man-child. Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper show up as the couple’s best friends, Rob Lowe as a cokehead CEO who wants to buy Annie’s blog and Jack Black in a very Jack Black-ian cameo. There is really very little to be said about the performances, other than the fact that the actors try to work with the ridiculous story they are given, and fail miserably.

The screenplay, based on a story by Kate Angelo, was created by Angelo, Jason Segel and Nicholas ‘The Muppets’ Stoller. How the mighty have fallen. It is clear that Stoller and Segel were brought in to up the laugh quota of the film, but other than a couple of mildly amusing one-liners, there is really very little to laugh at her. Other than, perhaps, the central characters’ complete misunderstanding of technology. As well as this, there are several other preposterous notions; that Jay buys at least two new iPads every year, then gifts the others to friends and family – and the mailman – without resetting them, that there would be no-one – not even security – at a porn website hub at night, and that a dog can open doors. Ok, maybe the last one is not that far fetched.

Director Jake Kasdan has made some enjoyable movies in the past, including Orange County and Bad Teacher, as well as episodes of New Girl and Californication, but there is little to commend Sex Tape. The writing is lazy, the direction seemingly non-existent and the performances ridiculous. That includes you Chris Traeger… I mean, Rob Lowe.

In all, Sex Tape is not funny, not clever and not entertaining. What it is, is an ad for Apple and YouPorn, starring some usually great actors, written and directed by people who should know better.

Rating: 1/5

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