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TIFF Review – Valley of Shadows

After his friend shows him the carcasses of sheep killed in the night, six year old Aslak (Adam Ekeli) goes in search of the monster that butchered them. Believing that the woods near his house hold the answers he seeks, Aslak ventures off alone, and although closure comes, it is perhaps not quite the kind that Aslak went in search of. Continue reading

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TIFF Review – Disapperance

Roos (Rifka Lodeizen) returns to her mother and younger brother after many years away from the family home. Roos works as a photographer and her work has taken her across the world, but she returns home with a terrible secret; she is incurably ill. Unable to find the right time and the right words to tell her family, Roos spends time at home getting to know her family again, but it is only a matter of time before the truth must come out. Continue reading

TIFF Review – What Will People Say

Nisha (Maria Mozhdah) is a young Pakistani woman, living in Oslo with her strict and traditional family. Although she follows the rules and appears to be an obedient and dutiful daughter at home, outside the confines of the house, Nisha behaves more like a western girl, hanging out with boys, experimenting and exploring the world around her. When her father catches her with a boy in her room, Nisha is taken to Pakistan against her will, in order to learn what it truly means to be Pakistani, and what her parents expect from her.
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