Cinema Review – Ballerina

Félicie (Elle Fanning) has always wanted to be a dancer, but there are few opportunities for her to pursue her passion since she lives in an orphanage in rural France. When she and her friend Victor (Dane DeHaan) escape to Paris, Félicie pretends to be someone else so she can become a pupil at the famed Grand Opera House. Continue reading

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Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – Survival Family

The Suzuki family are an average household in Tokyo; their lives dominated by technology, daughter and son rarely engage with their parents, and father often spends more time watching TV than talking with his wife. When all electricity in their apartment goes out – including battery operated technology – the family soon realise that this is a problem that spreads potentially as far as Osaka and beyond. After several weeks without power, the family decide to grab their bikes and cycle across country to their grandfather’s home in Kagoshima, but the journey ahead is more perilous than any of the family first realised. Continue reading

Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – Saint George

Unemployed boxer Jorge (Nuno Lopes) is drowning in debt, and everyone around him struggling similarly. Due to the fact that he still trains as a boxer, and competes now and again, Jorge has an impressive physique, and it is this that lands him a job with a debt collection agency. Knowing he is intimidating people as badly off as himself obviously tortures Jorge, but since he is on the verge of losing his wife and son to Brazil, he justifies his actions, even as he takes some fairly desperate measures. Continue reading

Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – The Queen of Spades

Andrei (Ivan Yankovskiy), a young tenor at a renowned opera theatre, has been obsessed with Opera singer Sophia Meyer (Kseniya Rappoport) since he was young. Now dating the singer’s niece Lisa (Mariya Kurdenevich), Andrei sees his chance to work with his idol when she returns to Russia to stage a production of Tchaikovsky’s opera The Queen of Spades. As Andrei and Sophia get to know one another more, Andrei is drawn into a dangerous world, one that may end up costing him everything. Continue reading

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Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – Trespass Against Us

Chad Culter (Michael Fassbender) and his family live on a halting site with Chad’s father Colby (Brendan Gleeson) and other members of the extended family. Inherently drawn towards crime, and standing up to those that would “trespass against us”, Chad finally sees that an environment where the police are constantly on their tails is not one that he wants to subject his young children to any more. After one final job for the domineering patriarch of the family, Chad sets about getting away from his father, but soon realises that this is not as easy as it looks. Continue reading

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Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio

Reiji Kikukawa (Toma Ikuta) returns in Takashi Miike’s sequel to The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji. After being fired from the police force for his transgressions in the first film, Reiji is out to prove that he can bring down the bad guy – this time out it’s crime boss Todokori, who trades in MDMA – but when he is promoted to number 2 in the crime clan, becomes Todokori’s right hand man and becomes infatuated with his boss’s daughter Karen, things go wrong… As is their wont. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Birth of a Nation

In Virginia, before the US Civil War, Nat Turner (Nate Parker) a slave owned by the relatively lenient Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), leads a short lived rebellion against slavery after he sees too much cruelty visited on his kinsmen. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Life, Animated

When he was three years old, Owen Suskind was diagnosed with autism, and retreated into his own world. Over time, Owen’s parents realised that watching animated Disney films was not only something the family could do together, but it was also something that Owen used to communicate with his family a little at a time. Now aged 23, Owen is just about to move out of home into an assisted living facility, and is facing a whole new set of challenges on his own. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – I am not a Serial Killer

John Cleaver (Max Records) has always been a troubled kid. Working at the family funeral home does not help matters, but being able to talk honestly with his therapist Dr Neblin (Karl Geary) about his homicidal thoughts and fascination with killing. John manages to never act on his impulses, but when people begin to die at the hands of a serial killer in his small town, he must hunt down and confront the killer, while keeping his own inner demons in check. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Chi-Raq

Based on the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, Chi-Raq takes the events from Ancient Greece and sets them in the south side of present day Chicago. When gun violence gets worse and a young girl is killed, Lysistrata (Teyonah Parris) takes it upon herself to bring the wife’s and girlfriend of rival gangs the Trojans and the Spartans together, and institute a sex strike until peace reigns and violence comes to an end. Continue reading

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