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Cinema Review – The 9th Life of Louis Drax

Louis Drax (Aiden Longworth) is accident-prone. He believes his first accident was being born via caesarean section, but when an accident on his ninth birthday leaves him in a coma and his father missing, Dr Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan) decides to try a new way of communicating with the boy, to find out just what caused his accident and how much he knows. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Central Intelligence

Twenty years after high school Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) has not lived up to his potential of being “most likely to succeed”. When he declines the Facebook invite to his high school reunion, an former schoolmate gets in touch; Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson). A far cry from the overweight, self-conscious kid he was in school, Bob is now in the CIA and chasing down a threat to national security, a threat that he needs Calvin’s help in stopping. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Eye in the Sky

Col. Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) is in charge of a routine surveillance operation in the UK, with the drone pilots based in the US as part of a joint operation. With government Minsters watching the operation’s every move, events become complicated when a bomb plot is discovered and a young girl enters the kill zone. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Triple 9

After pulling off a bank heist for the Russian mafia, crooks Russell (Norman Reedus), Gabe (Aaron Paul) and corrupt cops Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Marcus (Anthony Mackie) and Rodriguez (Clifton Collins Jr.) are forced to do one more job for Irina (Kate Winslet), in order to pay off their debt to her. The trouble is that new cop Chris (Casey Affleck) has his suspicions, and this new job will take longer to pull off, so the crew decide to buy themselves some time by staging a Triple Nine – killing a police officer. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Fathers and Daughters

When she was a small child, Katie’s father Jake (Russell Crowe) – a Pulitzer prize winning author – struggled to take care of her as he came to terms with his own illness, and the death of his wife. While he tries to hang on to the young Katie, his late wife’s sister (Diane Kruger) tries her best to adopt Katie away from her father. 27 years later, Katie (Amanda Seyfried) struggles to let a new man into her life after she felt so abandoned by her father. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Exodus: Gods and Kings

Moses (Christian Bale) and Rameses (Joel Edgerton) were raised as cousins in Egypt, but when the truth is discovered about Moses’ heritage, there begins a struggle between the Hebrew slaves and the reign of Egypt, which leads the two friends to become enemies. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Need for Speed

Tobey (Aaron Paul) is a mechanic with a passion for street racing cars. When a race goes wrong, Tobey is left to take the blame. Two years later, Tobey returns to the world of street racing to take the title – and a whole lot of money – the man who set him up. Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – A Long Way Down

On New Year’s Eve, disgraced former TV presenter Martin (Pierce Brosnan) climbs to a spot in London, favoured by suicides with the intent of jumping from the roof and joining their number. As he contemplates his last few moments on earth, three strangers, all of whom had the same idea, join him on the roof. As the four flippantly reveal their reasons for ending their lives, a tenuous bond is formed between them. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Smashed

After years of drinking, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) reaches crisis point, and realises that her alcohol use is more akin to abuse. Even though her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul) is not on the same page as her, Kate decides that sobriety is the right choice for her. Continue reading

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