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Cinema Review – Steve Jobs

Over the course of 16 years, Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) goes from the shining star of Apple, to being fired after the failure of the Macintosh, to back where he started as head of the company. In the meantime, he fights the idea that he is the father of Lisa Brennan, pushes away those who have helped make Apple great, and rejects the father figure he sees in mentor John Sculley (Jeff Daniels). Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Moneyball

Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) is a former baseball player turned manager. His team, the Oakland A’s, are failing miserably in every game, and at the end of the season his best players are bought by bigger teams. Just as Beane thinks all is lost and there is no way the Oakland A’s can compete with bigger teams who have over double his budget; he is saved by economics wiz Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). Brand suggests that Beane stop looking at the obvious qualities of players and use a computer programme he designed to choose his starting team. Continue reading

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