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Cinema Review – The Great Wall

Mercenaries William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) journeying to find gunpowder find themselves taken prisoner by The Nameless Order at the Great Wall of China, but before punishment can be dealt out, the Wall is attacked by Tao Tie; mythical monsters who attack every 60 years in an attempt to take over the world. William and Tovar find themselves confronted with a choice; fight or die. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – A Simple Life

When Hong Kong maid Ah Tao (Deannie Yip) suffers a stroke, she decides to leave her job and move into an old people’s home. Roger (Andy Lau) – the youngest member of the family that Ah Tao served for over 60 years – feels obliged to her, and their relationship slowly changes. Continue reading

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