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ADIFF Review – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

In 2001, journalist Kim Barker (Tina Fey) finds herself in Afghanistan, covering the war from a considerably quieter place than the war-torn Iraq. As such, friendships and allegiances grow up in the international community stationed in Kabul. As the Taliban grow stronger and interest in the country receds however, Kim finds herself fighting for her job, and the new relationship that has developed between her and Scottish photographer Iain (Martin Freeman). Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Departure

Elliot (Alex Lawther) and his mother Beatrice (Juliet Stevenson) return to the family’s holiday home in the South of France. The house has been sold, and the two are there to pack away their things. While back in France, Elliot begins to experiment with his sexuality, when he befriends a boy named Clément (Phénix Brossard), but when his father Philip (Finbar Lynch) arrives at the house, the curious calm is shattered, with truths long ignored coming to light. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – The Lure

Sister mermaids Golden (Michalina Olszańska) and Silver (Marta Mazurek) find their way to land and it is not long before they are employed in a strip club, showing off the fact that their legs become tails when exposed to water. When Silver falls for Mietek (Jakub Gierszal) the mermaids’ life becomes more complicated, as Mietek doesn’t want to be with a mermaid, and Golden reminds her sister that if she gives her heart to a man and he falls for another, she will be turned into sea foam. Oh, and the sisters eat humans… And there is a lot of singing. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Hitchcock/Truffaut

In 1966, film director and former critic François Truffaut published the book “Cinema According to Hitchcock”. Fifty years later, filmmakers including David Fincher, Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater discuss how the book and Hitchcock’s work influenced their careers, while director Kent Jones examines just how the conversations between the filmmakers took place. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Labyrinth of Lies

In Frankfurt of the 1950s, public prosecutor Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling) believes that those who served at Auschwitz have cases of murder, cruelty and abuse to answer. The trouble is that few others think there is a story to be told, since many of the atrocities carried out at the camp have been covered up. With the help of a small team, and some survivors of the camp, Radmann sets out to get justice for the survivors, and tell his country what really happened during World War II. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Black Mountain Poets

After their plan to steal a bulldozer is foiled, Lisa (Alice Lowe) and Claire (Dolly Wells) luck out when they find a car to steal. It is not long before they discover that the car belongs to sisters who are acclaimed poets on their way to a weekend retreat. In order to keep their cover, Lisa and Claire assume the identity of the poet sisters, and take their place at the retreat. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Demolition

After his wife is killed in a car crash, which he escapes without a scratch, Davis’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) grief takes a strange form. When a packet of peanut M&Ms gets stuck in a vending machine, Davis finds himself writing long, confessional letters to the company’s customer care department, and taking some advice from his father in law quite literally, he begins dismantling household objects that no longer work. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Mammal

When her estranged son goes missing, Margaret’s (Rachel Griffiths) ex-husband Matt (Michael McElhatton) suddenly appears back in her life. At the same time, Margaret’s day to day peace and quiet is shattered when she finds a young man collapsed outside her home. It is not long before a relationship forms between the young man Joe (Barry Keoghan) and Margaret, and it turns from motherly to something much more complicated. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – My Name is Emily

Teenager Emily (Evanna Lynch) always had slightly off kilter parents – her father (Michael Smiley) read obsessively when she was born and did not speak for a year – but after tragedy strikes and Emily is sent to live with a foster family, she is determined to rescue her father from a psychiatric hospital and, with the help of a new friend Arden (George Webster), she sets out to do so. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Anomalisa

Michael Stone (David Thewlis) reutrns to Cincinatti to give a conference on customer service. While there, he dredges up old memories from the past, and thinks he finds kinship in Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh). The trouble is that Michael sees no differences between the people in his life, and it is not long before Lisa begins to blend into the background. Continue reading

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