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Cinema Review – Dunkirk

In 1940, 338, 226 Allied soldiers were rescued from the beach in Dunkirk, having been pinned there by the advancing German Army. The evacuation did not run smoothly however, with a fierce battle being fought in the skies and the seas of Dunkirk as the soldiers prayed for a miracle. Continue reading

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Macau Film Festival (IFFAM) Review – Trespass Against Us

Chad Culter (Michael Fassbender) and his family live on a halting site with Chad’s father Colby (Brendan Gleeson) and other members of the extended family. Inherently drawn towards crime, and standing up to those that would “trespass against us”, Chad finally sees that an environment where the police are constantly on their tails is not one that he wants to subject his young children to any more. After one final job for the domineering patriarch of the family, Chad sets about getting away from his father, but soon realises that this is not as easy as it looks. Continue reading

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ADIFF Review – Mammal

When her estranged son goes missing, Margaret’s (Rachel Griffiths) ex-husband Matt (Michael McElhatton) suddenly appears back in her life. At the same time, Margaret’s day to day peace and quiet is shattered when she finds a young man collapsed outside her home. It is not long before a relationship forms between the young man Joe (Barry Keoghan) and Margaret, and it turns from motherly to something much more complicated. Continue reading

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