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Cinema Review – Zoolander 2

Fifteen years after the events of Zoolander, and after the Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too collapsed, killing Zoolander’s wife Matilda (Christine Taylor) and disfiguring Hansel, Derek (Ben Stiller) is lured out of retirement with a chance to be a superstar again, but soon discovers that he is at the centre of a plot that is killing off the world’s most beautiful people. Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – While We’re Young

Josh (Ben Stiller) has been working on a documentary for 10 years, as a follow up to his well received first film; his wife Cornelia (Naomi Watts) is struggling with the decision they made to not have children. Their carefully ordered, and overly justified life, is opened up when they meet the young and charming Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried), who appear generous and free, and to live life on their own terms. When Jamie asks Josh to collaborate with him on a film, however, Josh soon realises that Jamie may not be as free spirited as he first thought. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

The magic tablet that brings the inhabitants of New York’s Natural History Museum is becoming corroded and weak, so Larry (Ben Stiller) must take Ahkmenrah (Rami Malek) to London to find out the history of the ancient magic from his parents. Of course, Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams), Jed (Owen Wilson), Octavius (Steve Coogan) and the gang tag along for the ride, and they make friends with Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens) along the way. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a day-dreamer; he often floats away on flights of fancy about his crush Cheryl (Kristen Wiig). When a negative belonging to photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) goes missing, Mitty finds himself on an adventure that takes him across the world, and out of his dreams. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Watch

A group of suburban men form a Neighbourhood Watch group to solve a murder, but find themselves battling an alien invasion. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Afraid that the penguins are not coming back to Africa to save them, Alex (Ben Stiller) and his friends set out to Monte Carlo to try and find a way back to New York. While there, they encounter the ruthless animal control captain DuBois (Frances McDormand) and seek refuge from her in a circus train. The animals in the circus take them in, and the New Yorkers must find a way for the circus to get to America, while avoiding the clutches of DuBois. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Tower Heist

When Wall Street businessman Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) is arrested for fraudulent investments, it is not long before the employees of The Tower – the exclusive apartment building where Shaw lives – realise that they have lost their pensions to the swindling crook. Josh (Ben Stiller), Charlie (Casey Affleck), Dev’reaux (Michael Pena) and Mr Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick) join forces and, with the help of Slide (Eddie Murphy) and Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe), break into The Tower to find Shaw’s secret stash of money and return it to those who lost everything. Continue reading

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