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Cannes Review – Blood Father

Living a clean and sober life since he got out of prison John Link (Mel Gibson) works as a tattoo artist and is trying to keep his head down. Link’s daughter has ben missing for three years, after she walked away from her mother’s home with no warning, so when she contacts Link out of the blue, he knows this is going to be trouble. He just doesn’t realise how much. Soon, Link finds himself in serious violation of his parole as he fights to save his daughter from drug dealers and thieves who are out to kill her. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – The Neon Demon

Jesse (Elle Fanning) moves to LA to chase her dream of being a model. On her first shoot she meets Ruby (Jena Malone) and the two become fast friends. When Jesse’s star starts to rise however, she attracts the ire of older models who are being overlooked. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Julieta

Julieta (Emma Suárez) is just about to move from Madrid to Portugal when she runs into Bea (Michelle Jenner) on the street. Bea tells Julieta that she has recently seen Julieta’s daughter Antia at Lake Cuomo. Since Julieta has not seen her daughter in many years, this throws her into chaos and causes her to cancel her new life plans and stay in Madrid, with the hope of reconnecting with her long lost daughter. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Hell or High Water

Brothers Tanner (Ben Foster) and Toby (Chris Pine) have a plan to hold up several branches of The Texas Midwest Bank. After they successfully hold up two branches, and bury the getaway cars on their family ranch, Texas Ranger Marcus (Jeff Bridges) is on the case, chasing them down before they can hit another branch. Although the brothers’ plan is desperate and rather foolhardy, they are determined to save the family ranch, which is due to be foreclosed on in just a few days time. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – From The Land of the Moon

In rural France of the 1940s, Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) falls for the married village schoolteacher and throws herself at him at a public event in front of his pregnant wife and her own mother, who long since seems to have had enough of her daughter’s melodramatic behaviour. Deciding she needs a man, Gabrielle’s mother marries her off to the sweet but unromantic José (Alex Brendemühl), who accepts that his wife will never love him, but the marriage is beneficial to both of them. When Gabrielle is sent to a spa to cure stones’ disease, she meets André (Louis Garrel), an encounter with whom will change her life forever. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Toni Erdmann

Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek) is a man who loves a practical joke; painting his face, putting in false teeth and convincing the postman that he is his own twin brother; a man named Toni Erdmann. When Winifried’s daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller) returns home from Bucharest – where she lives for work – a quietly observed moment makes Winifried realise how little he knows his daughter, so he sets out to try to reconnect with her the only way he knows how; with his alter ego Toni Erdmann. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Slack Bay

Each summer, the Van Peteghem family visit the seaside. More specifically, they stay in their home overlooking the windswept, barren but oddly beautiful bay, that seems only to be home to mussel gatherers, who moonlight as untraditional ferrymen for those wanting to cross the bay. This summer, however, people are going missing, people that the bumbling police offier from Calais, Alfred Machin (Didier Desprès) has been sent to look for. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – I, Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) has worked all his life as a carpenter. After a heart attack puts him out of work he tries to claim benefits until his doctor deems him fit to go back to work. Excluded from claiming benefits since a “health care professional” considers him fit to work, Daniel finds his efforts to appeal frustrated. When he meets Katie (Hayley Squires), a young woman with two children who is also being denied benefits, the two strike up a sweet friendship borne out of adversity. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Café Society

In Hollywood of the 1930s, Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) arrives in Hollywood with big dreams of working with his uncle Phil, who just so happens to be an agent to the stars. Although the dream of riches and fortune don’t come quickly, Bobby soon finds love – albeit unrequited – with his uncle’s secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), who is in a relationship with a man who is already married. Continue reading

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