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Cinema Review – Swiss Army Man

Alone on an island after a shipwreck, Hank (Paul Dano) has given up hope and is trying to hang himself when he sees a body on the beach. Although the man – who Hank christens Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) is dead – Hank soon sees a benefit from his new companion; his constant flatulence. As Hank tries to get home, and strikes up a strange friendship with Manny, he explores life, love and his relationships. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Now You See Me 2

Eighteen months after the events of Now You See Me, The Horsemen are disbanded and in hiding, and Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) is still sending the FBI on a wild goose chase looking for the illusionist thieves. Announcing their comeback with an act of corporate sabotage, The Horsemen – with new member Lula (Lizzy Caplan) – find themselves kidnapped and taken to Macau, where they are forced to steal for reclusive tech prodigy Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe). Of course, The Horsemen are not going to take this lying down, and soon come up with a plan of their own. Continue reading

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Cinema Review -Victor Frankenstein

Told from the perspective of former circus freak turned assistant Igor (Daniel Radcliffe), this take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale sees Frankenstein’s experiments to create life from death thwarted by the investigations of a suspicious and moral police officer, and Frankenstein’s disapproving father. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Trainwreck

Amy (Amy Schumer) is a woman in her 30s with a successful career as a magazine writer. Although her professional life may be on point, her personal life is less so, with her having a string of one night stands – without the knowledge of her boyfriend – and her father being moved to a care home. When Amy meets the charming and sweet Aaron (Bill Hader), and the two start dating, she has to overcome her fear of commitment, and fast. Continue reading

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One to Watch Movie Reviews – August 22nd 2014

I choose One to Watch in Irish cinemas this week. Hint; the movie does not star Scarlett Johansson or Marion Cotillard, can you guess what it is yet? Continue reading

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Cinema Review – What If

When Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a party, they immediately hit it off. Wallace walks Chantry home and she gives him her number. The only catch is, she has a long-term boyfriend. Wallace has to decide whether he really wants to be just friends with Chantry and whether he can stand to have his heart broken again. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Kill Your Darlings

When Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Redcliffe) is accepted into Columbia University, he knows that the move away from home – and his ailing mother – could be the change he is looking for. When he meets Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) however, his world is changed in a way he could never have imagined. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Woman in Black

Young solicitor Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) journeys to a remote village in northern England. While there he encounters the vengeful ghost of a woman and has to find a way to appease her before it’s too late. Continue reading

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