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Cannes Review – The Here After

When John (Ulrik Munther) is released from prison, he returns hoe to his father and younger brother, hoping to carry on with his life and forget the past. The trouble is, memories are long in the small town he lives in, and although John may have paid for his crimes, it is clear he is not yet forgiven. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Green Room

Punk band Ain’t Rights travel the country picking up gigs and making enough money for petrol and food. When a gig is badly managed, the organiser promises a better one at a bar his cousin knows… A white supremacist bar in the middle of nowhere. After the gig, the band stumble across the aftermath of a murder, and suddenly find themselves in an unrelenting and violent fight for their lives. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – The King of Pigs

When Kyung-min (Oh Jung-se) kills his wife, he turns to his high school best friend Jung Jong-suk (Yang Ik-june) after 15 years of silence. Kyung-min does not confide in his friend, rather the two talk about a formative event in their lives and the trauma they lived through in their past. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – No

In 1988 Chile held a referendum as to whether Pinochet could extend his rule for a further eight years. Rene, a young advertising executive is drafted in to support the No campaign, a campaign that, if successful, would ensure that 16 and a half years of military rule in Chile would come to an end. Both sides of the debate are given 15 minutes on national TV to campaign, and it is not long before the debate gets dirty. Continue reading

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