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Cinema Review – The Lady in the Van

Based on a real relationship that writer Alan Bennett had, Maggie Smith plays Miss Mary Shepherd, a house-less woman who lives in her van, which Alan Bennett allows her to park in his driveway, where she stayed for 15 years. Although Miss Shepherd seems to be cantankerous and ungrateful, it soon becomes clear that she has led a tragic and colourful life. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Miss You Already

Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been friends since they were small children, and inseparable for most of that time. When Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer, Jess does everything she can to support Milly and her young family, but at the same time, she is trying for a baby of her own with her partner Jago (Paddy Considine), which throws the two womens’ relationship into new, uncharted territory. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Dracula Untold

Having spent many years in the Turkish army against his will, Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) has returned home to rule Transylvania in peace. When Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), commander of the Turks and former friend of Vlad demands 1,000 Transylvanian boys – including Vlad’s son – to boost his army, Vlad goes to extraordinary lengths to protect his kingdom and his family. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Need for Speed

Tobey (Aaron Paul) is a mechanic with a passion for street racing cars. When a race goes wrong, Tobey is left to take the blame. Two years later, Tobey returns to the world of street racing to take the title – and a whole lot of money – the man who set him up. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Dead Man Down

Colin Farrell stars as Victor, a man seduced and blackmailed by his neighbour; a woman seeking revenge for a tragic accident that left her disfigured. Little does Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) realise, there is much more to Victor than meets the eye. Continue reading

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JDIFF 2013 Review – Summer in February

On the eve of World War 1, a group of artists and painters gathered in Cornwall with the intent of furthering their art. When the sister of one of their number, Florence (Emily Browning) arrives, it is not long before Gilbert (Dan Stevens) falls in love with her, but before he gets a chance to declare his love, she hastily agrees to marry AJ (Dominic Cooper). It is not long before Florence begins to feel trapped by the handsome but volatile artist and starts to question what the future holds. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln – fondly known as Honest Abe – was not as honest as history would have us believe. Throughout his life, he secretly fought and killed vampires for the benefit of the American people, while trying to run the nation and hold his family together. Continue reading

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Retro Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants nothing more than to sign up for the US army and do his bit in the war against the Nazis, the trouble is that he is too small and too weak to enlist. This all changes, however, when he meets Dr Erskine (Stanley Tucci) who enrols him into a secret programme that makes him Captain America; a super soldier. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Devil’s Double

Latif Yahia is summoned to the palace and given an impossible choice; to become the body double for Uday Hussein – Saddam hussein’s youngest son – or to allow his family to be tortured and killed if he refused. So Latif’s life – and his face – is changed so much as to become unrecognisable. He literally becomes the devil’s double. Continue reading

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