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Cinema Review – Home

The Boov – a brightly coloured and so-ugly-they’re-cute race of aliens – have been on the run from their mortal enemy for a long time. Running from planet to planet, they find themselves at Earth and relocate the humans to custom-built towns so they can settle into the cities. When Oh (Jim Parsons) accidentally lets the galaxy know where The Boov are, he finds himself on the run from his own people. Tip (Rihanna) is the last human left in the city, desperately trying to find her Mum, who was taken to one of the new cities. It’s not long before Oh and Tip find each other, and realise they need one another to survive. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Turbo

Theo (Ryan Reynolds) is a garden snail who dreams of a bigger life or, more accurately, a faster one. When a freak accident leaves him with super speed, Theo – who renames himself Turbo –  finally sees the path to his dreams open before him, but he may need a little help.
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Cinema Review – Rise of the Guardians

When the evil Pitch (Jude Law) threatens to engulf the world in fear and darkness the protectors of childhood – the Guardians – must band together to defeat him. At the same time these Guardians – North (Alec Baldwin), Tooth (Isla Fisher), Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman) and the Sandman – must learn to work with the new Guardian Jack Frost (Chris Pine). Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Puss in Boots


Before teaming up with Shrek, Donkey and the inhabitants of Far Far Away, Puss in Boots was already a creature of legend. Puss is searching for the magic beans that will grow the mythical beanstalk and lead him to the goose that lays the golden eggs, but along the way he has to make some unexpected alliances. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Megamind

Megamind comes to earth as a baby – saved from the destruction of his planet by his parents who send him off in a spaceship with only his faithful fish Minion for company. Unfortunately another baby – Metro Man – is sent to earth at the same time and he is everything that Megamind is not; everything goes right for him, while every plan to make friends backfires on Megamind. The rivalry between the two continues into their adulthood – Metro Man becomes the foil to Megamind’s evil genius. By chance, Megamind achieves everything he ever hoped for and begins to wonder, what went wrong? Continue reading

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