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Cinema Review – Beauty and the Beast

After he takes a rose from The Beast’s (Dan Stevens) garden for his daughter Belle (Emma Watson), Maurice (Kevin Kline) finds himself imprisoned in Thee Beast’s castle. Belle comes to her father’s rescue and takes his place, and it is not long before Belle realises the castle and all those who dwell within it are under a curse, and time is running out for them. The more Belle gets to know The Beast, the more she sees the kind heart underneath the gruff exterior. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Bridget Jones’s Baby

Five years after the end of her relationship with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), Bridget Jones (Renée Zellwegger) finds herself celebrating her birthday alone… Again. In a effort to turn over a new leaf, Bridget and her work colleague Miranda (Sarah Solemani) head to a music festival for a bit of fun. After she hooks up with the dashing Jack (Patrick Dempsey) at the festival, and falls back into bed with the familiar Mark Darcy a few days later, Bridget finds herself pregnant, with no clue who the father could be. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Men, Women & Children

A look at the lives of teenagers and adults in a Texan town, and how technology and the Internet impacts their lives. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Saving Mr Banks

In the early 1960s P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) is flown to LA to meet with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). The idea is to turn Travers’ beloved Mary Poppins books into a film, but she is famously protective of her character. While working on the script, Travers thinks back to her childhood, and the beautiful, yet tragic, events that inspired the creation of her beloved Mary Poppins. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Brave

Merida (voice of Kelly McDonald) is a Scottish princess in ancient times. Merida’s mother Elinor (voice of Emma Thompson) believes that her only daughter is of age to choose a husband and settle down, but the strong willed Merida is used to riding her horse Angus through the kingdom, shooting her bow and arrow and climbing waterfalls, so the idea of marriage feels like a prison sentence. When Wisps lead her to a mysterious witch, Merida makes a wish that will change her fate. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Men in Black 3

When notorious killer alien Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from prison on the moon, he goes back in time to kill the agent that put him there; K (Tommy Lee Jones). When K is wiped from history, it is up to J (Will Smith) to go back in time and save his friend. Continue reading

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