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Cannes Review – Green Room

Punk band Ain’t Rights travel the country picking up gigs and making enough money for petrol and food. When a gig is badly managed, the organiser promises a better one at a bar his cousin knows… A white supremacist bar in the middle of nowhere. After the gig, the band stumble across the aftermath of a murder, and suddenly find themselves in an unrelenting and violent fight for their lives. Continue reading

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One to Watch Movie Reviews – May 2nd 2014

I choose One to Watch in Irish cinemas this week. Hint; this week’s movie is about revenge and the colour blue, can you guess what it is yet? Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Blue Ruin

Dwight (Macon Blair) is a man who has seen better days; with little to his name, he lives in his ancient car, and keeps himself to himself. This all changes when a man is released from prison, and Dwight finds himself on a collision course with a dangerous and gun loving family. Continue reading

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