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ADIFF Review – Tomato Red

Sammy (Jake Weary) is fresh out of jail and looking for new friends and a way to spend his weekends. When his newest attempt at making friends leads him to break into a big house, he falls asleep and is awoken by Jamalee (Julia Garner) and her brother Jason (Nick Roux), who do not live in the house, as Sammy first believes. Fascinated by Jamalee and her bright red hair, Sammy agrees to provide security for the siblings, and help them get away from the prejudice of Venus Holler, where they live. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Grandma

After her girlfriend of four months breaks up with her, Elle’s (Lily Tomlin) granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) turns up at her door. Still in school and facing an unwanted pregnancy, Sage is looking for money for an abortion, money that Elle simply doesn’t have, after making wind chimes from her credit cards. Elle sets out to help her granddaughter, with a little help from old friends and acquaintances, but the path doesn’t always run smoothly. Continue reading

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