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Cinema Review – Ghost in the Shell

In a future where humans are cybernetically enhancing themselves, Major Mira Killian (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind; a human brain in a fully synthetic robotic body. A year after her rebirth as the perfect weapon, Major and the taskforce of Section 9 are tasked with protecting Hanka Robotics’ technology from attack by the mysterious Kuze (Michael Carmen Pitt); a mission that has personal repercussions for Major and the past she no longer remembers. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – Slack Bay

Each summer, the Van Peteghem family visit the seaside. More specifically, they stay in their home overlooking the windswept, barren but oddly beautiful bay, that seems only to be home to mussel gatherers, who moonlight as untraditional ferrymen for those wanting to cross the bay. This summer, however, people are going missing, people that the bumbling police offier from Calais, Alfred Machin (Didier Desprès) has been sent to look for. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The 33

In August 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped in the San Jose mine for 69 days after a cave in. Although chances were that the men had died in the dangerous and sparse conditions they found themselves stuck in, rescue operations did not stop, and the most innovative mine rescue of all time began. Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – Clouds of Sils Maria

Maria (Juliette Bioche) finds herself facing the fact that she is growing older when she is approached to star in the same play that made her famous as a 20 year old actress, only this time she is to play the part of the older woman, and allow a younger actress to play the role she made famous. Struggling to learn her lines and to find a place where she belongs in her career, Maria’s frustrations become evident as she argues with her personal assistant Valentine (Kristen Stewart). Continue reading

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One to Watch Movie Reviews – May 16th 2014

I choose One to Watch in Irish cinemas this week; a movie that contains monsters and humans. Can you guess what it is yet? Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – A Thousand Times Goodnight

Rebecca (Juliette Binoche), one of the world’s top war photographers, finds her world thrown into chaos when she finds herself closer, and more emotionally involved with her subjects than ever before. When she returns home to Ireland, Rebecca’s husband Marcus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) offers her an impossible choice; her family or her career. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Dan In Real Life

Dan in Real Life stars Steve Carrell as a columnist who writes about the struggles of parenthood, who is trying to get his life back together three years after his wife died. Dan is also the father of three girls who present him with more than a few challenges and material for his column. Continue reading

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