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Cinema Review – Jem and the Holograms

When the home Jerrica (Aubrey Peeples) shares with her aunt, her sister and her aunt’s two foster daughters comes under threat, shy and retiring Jerrica finds herself recording a song she wrote, under the name of Jem – the pet name her late father had for her. When the song goes viral and Jerrica is tracked down, she finds herself playing sold out shows with her sisters and chasing down clues that her father left her, but when the time comes for her to go solo, Jerrica faces a hard choice. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – August: Osage County

The Weston family have long since gone their separate ways, but when a family tragedy brings them back to the place they grew up, secrets are revealed and the women of the family learn more about themselves and the lives they have created. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – JDIFF 2010: Whip It!

Whip It! is the first full length feature film directed by Drew Barrymore. The story is that of Bliss (Ellen Page) a teen girl who discovers that what she really wants to do is play roller derby, not compete in beauty pageants as her mother wants her to. Continue reading

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