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Cinema Review – Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

After their school Principal Mr Krupp (Ed Helms) threatens to put them in seperate classrooms, best friends George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) must find a way to stay together. When George discovers a magic ring that Krupp once confiscated, he hypnotises their teacher into believing he is a character the duo created; Captain Underpants. When teacher Professor P (Nick Kroll) arrives at the school with the plan to remove all laughter from the children, George, Harold and their newly created hero must find a way to stop him.
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Cinema Review – Central Intelligence

Twenty years after high school Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) has not lived up to his potential of being “most likely to succeed”. When he declines the Facebook invite to his high school reunion, an former schoolmate gets in touch; Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson). A far cry from the overweight, self-conscious kid he was in school, Bob is now in the CIA and chasing down a threat to national security, a threat that he needs Calvin’s help in stopping. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Secret Life of Pets

A terrier named Max (Louis C.K.) lives in a Manhattan apartment building with his owner and best friend Katie (Ellie Kemper), and spends his days hanging out with the other neighbourhood pets, cat Chloe (Lake Bell), and other dogs Mel (Bobby Moynihan), Buddy (Hannibal Buress) and Gidget (Jenny Slate). When Katie comes home with a new dog Duke (Eric Stonestreet), Max hatches a plan to get rid of the interloper, a plan that puts them both in danger. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Ride Along 2

Brothers in law Ben (Kevin Hart) and James (Ice Cube) are reunited as they chase down a hacker in Miami. Little do they realise that this hacker has ties to a major corruption case going on in the city and once things kick off, it looks increasingly unlikely that Ben will make it back to Atlanta in time for his wedding. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Top Five

Comedian Andre Allen (Chris Rock) is struggling with the transition to serious movie star, and his upcoming reality show wedding. When journalist Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson) spends a day with him to write an article about him, Allen finds himself realising some truths about himself and the world he has constructed for himself. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Get Hard

James King (Will Ferrell) has it all; a beautiful fiancée (Alison Brie), a wonderful home and a job that he is good at. Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) runs a car wash and dreams of being able to provide a better life for his wife and young daughter. When King is framed for fraud, however, he turns to Darnell – believing the poorer man spent time in prison – to help him prepare for his stint on the inside. Little does King realise, that while Darnell is turning his home into a makeshift prison, he is winging it, and has never been to prison, or even committed a crime. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Wedding Ringer

Doug (Josh Gad) is 10 days away from his wedding to Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) and has not yet managed to find himself a best man. Focused on his career from a young age, Doug never seemed to bond with other men, and in desperation he turns to Jimmy (Kevin Hart) – a man whose sole business is to supply best me to grooms in need – to bail him out. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – About Last Night

After a night out, Bernie (Kevin Hart) regales his best friend Danny (Michael Ealy) with tales of the wonderful woman he met. As the girls make their way to the bar, Joan (Regina Hall) tells her version of the story to her best friend Debbie (Joy Bryant). Almost inevitably, Debbie and Danny hit it off and we follow the couple through the first year of their relationship together. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Ride Along

Ever since he accidentally burned his future brother in law at a barbecue, Ben (Kevin Hart) has known that James (Ice Cube) has little affection for him. When he is accepted into the Police Academy, in order to win James’s trust – and the confidence to propose to Angela (Tika Sumpter) – Ben asks to go on a police ride along with James. Of course, the day does not run as smoothly as planned. Continue reading

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