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Cinema Review – Black Sea

Robinson (Jude Law) is a submarine captain who has devoted his life to his job. When he is unceremoniously fired, he receives word that the location of a legendary Nazi submarine that was carrying several million dollars in gold when it sank, has been found. Robinson is hired to round up a crew and salvage the gold for a cut of the money, but the company that hired him may have different ideas. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – How I Live Now

Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) is sent from America to live with her cousins in England. Daisy is closed off and angry, but it is not long before she starts to relax in the presence of Edmond (George MacKay), Isaac (Tom Holland) and Piper (Harley Bird). No sooner does Daisy begin to warm to her family, when nuclear war strikes England and she finds herself fighting for survival, and love. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Marley

Kevin Macdonald’s documentary follows the life of Bob Marley and the struggles he went through for acceptance, love and fame. Continue reading

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