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Cinema Review – Captive

As he is brought to court to stand trial for the rape of a former girlfriend, Brian Nichol (David Oyelowo) escapes and guns down a judge, a stenographer and a security guard in cold blood. After stealing cars to keep his cover, Nichol forces his way into the home of recovering meth addict Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) and the two spend the night facing their demons. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Wedding Ringer

Doug (Josh Gad) is 10 days away from his wedding to Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) and has not yet managed to find himself a best man. Focused on his career from a young age, Doug never seemed to bond with other men, and in desperation he turns to Jimmy (Kevin Hart) – a man whose sole business is to supply best me to grooms in need – to bail him out. Continue reading

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