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Cannes Review – Irrational Man

Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) is the typical clichéd tortured professor; he struggles to find a meaning for life, although he seems Romantic to those around him. When he strikes up a friendship with student Jill (Emma Stone), and they overhear a conversation about a bullying Judge in a diner, Abe suddenly makes a decision that gives him a reason to live, and a new joy for life. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – The Lobster

Recently single David (Colin Farrell) checks into a mysterious hotel in the hope of finding love; the catch being that if he doesn’t find a partner with in 45 days he will be turned into an animal. Choosing a lobster as his animal, Dave sets out to find a woman to spend his life with, spending evenings hunting the Loners to try and up his day quota, and trying to find a woman with whom he has a defining characteristic in common. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Pudsey the Dog: The Movie

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 makes his big screen debut in Pudsey the Dog: The Movie. Pudsey is taken in by the Wilson family as they move from London to a small village, but when Pudsey discovers that the family’s landlord intends to bulldoze their home to make way for a shopping centre, it is up to the dog to save the day. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Cuban Fury

When he was in his teens, Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) was a star in the salsa-dancing scene. After a attack from a gang of bullies ruined his career, Bruce turned his back on salsa. 25 years later, Bruce discovers that his boss Julia (Rashida Jones), who he has a crush on, is an avid salsa dancer, so he sets out to win back his feet of flame. Continue reading

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BFI London Film Festival Review – Hyde Park on Hudson

Hyde Park on Hudson is the story of he love affair between Daisy and her sixth cousin, and President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Iron Lady


The Iron Lady takes a look back at the life of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep). As Thatcher prepares to clear out her deceased husband’s belongings, she flashes back through their life together, the path she took that led to her becoming the first female Prime Minister of the UK and the legacy she has left behind. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Tyrannosaur

Tyrannosaur is the tale of Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man filled with guilt, rage and alcohol and his relationship with Hannah (Olivia Colman). The two meet when Joseph seeks shelter in Hannah’s shop, and although there may not be obvious similarities between the violent Joseph and the devout, gentle Hannah, the two soon discover that they have more in common than they first thought. Continue reading

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