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Cinema Review – Morgan

Corporate fixer Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote location to balance the risk vs profit of an artificially created humanoid named Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) after she stabs her handler Kathy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in an unprovoked attack. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Straight Outta Compton

In the late 1980s, hip hop group NWA emerged from the Compton California and not only captured the voice of disenfranchised African American youth at the time, but went on to become some of the biggest selling artists of all time. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Love & Mercy

Based on the real life of Brian Wilson – legendary musician and founder member of The Beach Boys – Love and Mercy is not only a look at musical genius, but also an examination of power and control, and misdiagnosed mental illness. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – San Andreas

The San Andreas Fault in California has been overdue for a massive earthquake for over 100 years, so when the earthquake finally does hit, it is unlike anything the world has ever experienced before. After LA is hit, and hearing warnings of quakes right the way up the coast to San Francisco, where his daughter is, rescue chopper pilot Ray (Dwayne Jonson) decides to traverse the country to save her. Continue reading

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Cannes Review – The Little Prince

Desperate to get into a good school and get her life on track, a 9 year old little girl (Mackenzie Foy) and her mother (Rachel McAdams) devise a plan of study and hard work for the summer. To be in with a chance of being in the right catchment area, the family move into a house next door to a crumbling but brightly coloured house, that doesn’t fit in with any of the others on the street. It is here that The Aviator (Jeff Bridges) lives, and it is not long before he had befriended the little girl with his tales of The Little Prince, and she has forgotten all about her summer of work. Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – The Congress

Robin Wright (Robin Wright) is an aging, out of work actress who has devoted much of her life to her family. When she is called into Miramount Studios, she believes she will be offered the role of a lifetime. Instead, studio boss Jeff (Danny Huston) wants to offer her the last job of her career; a process where she is scanned and captured on computers so her likeness will keep performing, but will never have to again. Reluctantly, Wright considers the offer, although the consequences are further reaching than she could possibly imagine. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Saving Mr Banks

In the early 1960s P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) is flown to LA to meet with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). The idea is to turn Travers’ beloved Mary Poppins books into a film, but she is famously protective of her character. While working on the script, Travers thinks back to her childhood, and the beautiful, yet tragic, events that inspired the creation of her beloved Mary Poppins. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Parkland

Parkland centres on the events immediately after the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963. The film looks at the work of the team at Parkland Hospital, the impact of Lee Harvey Oswald’s arrest on his family, and the chase to find footage of the assassination, unwittingly recorded by a man watching the motorcade. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Turbo

Theo (Ryan Reynolds) is a garden snail who dreams of a bigger life or, more accurately, a faster one. When a freak accident leaves him with super speed, Theo – who renames himself Turbo –  finally sees the path to his dreams open before him, but he may need a little help.
Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Rock of Ages

Small town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and city boy Drew (Diego Boneta) meet on the Hollywood Strip. They have dreams of stardom, but must pay their dues working in the famous Bourbon Room where they encounter each other, adversity and take a step toward fame. Continue reading

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