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Cinema Review – Sunset Song

Chris (Agyness Deyn) is a young woman living Scotland in the early 1900s. Talented at school, everything changes for her when her mother dies and her brother leaves home. It is up to Chris to make a life for herself, a better one than her mother lived. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Welcome to the Punch

Notorious criminal Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) is forced to return to London after his son is found dead, and detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) takes the chance to capture the man who shot him three years earlier. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Man Inside

Clayton (Ashley Thomas) is struggling to come to terms with his violent upbringing, while trying to keep his family together and start a relationship with the equally as troubled Alexia (Michelle Ryan). Continue reading

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Cinema Review – War Horse

War Horse is the story of Joey, a horse whose life changes dramatically when he is bought from a Devon farmer by the English army. Joey’s journey takes him across World War I Europe; he passes through people’s lives – on both sides of the conflict – as tries to find his way back home. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Tyrannosaur

Tyrannosaur is the tale of Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man filled with guilt, rage and alcohol and his relationship with Hannah (Olivia Colman). The two meet when Joseph seeks shelter in Hannah’s shop, and although there may not be obvious similarities between the violent Joseph and the devout, gentle Hannah, the two soon discover that they have more in common than they first thought. Continue reading

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