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Cinema Review – Queen and Country

In this follow up to Hope and Glory, Bill Rohan (Callum Turner) is conscripted into the Army at the age of 18. While serving his mandatory two years, he makes friends and starts romances that change the course of his life. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Khumba

When zebra Khumba (Jake T. Austin) is born only half covered with stripes, his superstitious herd believe that he is curse on their way of life, and it is he who has caused the drought that befalls them. When he grows older, Khumba sets out to find a magical water hole, break the supposed curse and literally earn his stripes. This is easier said than done however, as Khumba has always lived in a secure enclosure and has little experience of life, and the creatures, that await him outside the fence. Continue reading

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