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Cinema Review – The Judge

When his mother dies, Hank (Robert Downey Jr) reluctantly returns to his hometown for her funeral. While there, he catches up with his old flame Sam (Vera Farmiga) and tries his best not to get involved with his father; the town’s judge. Just as he tries to leave, however, Hank discovers that his father (Robert Duvall) is suspected of murder and is drawn back into family life. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Cobb. The film stars Jeff Bridges as ‘Bad’ Blake, a washed up country singer who is making a meager living playing bars and bowling alleys in the Southwestern US. When Bad meets Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a journalist looking for a story, and is indirectly reunited with his ex touring partner, Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell) his life is changed. For the better. Continue reading

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