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Cinema Review – Jem and the Holograms

When the home Jerrica (Aubrey Peeples) shares with her aunt, her sister and her aunt’s two foster daughters comes under threat, shy and retiring Jerrica finds herself recording a song she wrote, under the name of Jem – the pet name her late father had for her. When the song goes viral and Jerrica is tracked down, she finds herself playing sold out shows with her sisters and chasing down clues that her father left her, but when the time comes for her to go solo, Jerrica faces a hard choice. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Boy Next Door

Claire (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother who becomes infatuated with her much younger neighbour Noah (Ryan Guzman). After the two fall into bed, however, Claire realises that the act was a mistake, pushing Noah away. Unfortunately for Claire, however, Noah does not take rejection lightly and sets out to either win Claire back, or destroy her. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Step Up: All In

There’s a dance competition and people enter it with the hope of winning, turning their lives around and getting a couple of days in Las Vegas to boot. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Step Up 4: Miami Heat

Emily (Kathryn McCormick) and Sean (Ryan Guzman) meet in an exclusive hotel. He is a waiter and leader of the dance crew The Mob, She is the daughter of the hotel’s owner whose redevelopment plans threaten Sean’s home and way of life. Continue reading

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