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Cinema Review – Deadpool

When mercenary for hire Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to take a chance on an experimental treatment that will activate any mutant genes lying dormant in his system. Although the treatment is successful, Wilson – now going by the name of Deadpool – believes his life and chance at happiness with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is destroyed, and sets out to take his violent and bloody revenge. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Mississippi Grind

Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) is a down on his luck gambler looking for a big win to solve his problems. When he meets the charming Curtis (Ryan Reynolds) who seems to care more about the game than winning, Gerry sees a way out of debt. The trouble is that old habits die hard and while Curtis may seem blasé about the whole affair, he is just as addicted as Gerry. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Voices

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) seems like a normal, but quiet and socially awkward guy, who is just trying to get through his workday at the candy coloured factory where he works, to get home to his pets. The truth is, that Jerry’s pets talk to him – one evil, and one rather sweet – but this is not a problem until Fiona (Gemma Arterton) stands him up on their first date… Continue reading

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Cinema Review – A Million Ways to Die in the West

Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is the biggest coward in the small Frontier town of Old Stump. When he talks his way out of a gun fight, his girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) breaks up with him, making Albert determined to win her back. It’s around then that a mysterious woman, Anna (Charlize Theron) blows into town, and strikes up a friendship with our cowardly hero. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Turbo

Theo (Ryan Reynolds) is a garden snail who dreams of a bigger life or, more accurately, a faster one. When a freak accident leaves him with super speed, Theo – who renames himself Turbo –  finally sees the path to his dreams open before him, but he may need a little help.
Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Croods

The Croods are a Stone Age family, whose very existence is based on fear of… well, everything. When teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone) ventures out in the dark and is told that their world may be ending, by Guy (Ryan Reynolds), the family must battle to survive in a rapidly changing, terrifying new world. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Change Up

While peeing into a magical wishing fountain, Dave and Mitch wish that they had one another’s lives. The next day they find out that wishes do come true. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is just the type of person to have a superhero movie set around him. He is like a combination of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Doctor Who, he is completely sure of his own abilities and has no room in his life for modesty. Jordan works as a military pilot, but when a green bubble picks him up and transports him to the side of a dying alien, his life is changed. Hal inherits a mystical ring, a lantern and some cool powers, and before long he is defending the Earth from a rather annoyed force called the Parallax. Continue reading

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