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Cinema Review – Bill Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

On returning from Iraq after earning the Silver Star for valour in combat, Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn) and his squadron are sent on tour around the US, culminating in an appearance at the NFL Thanksgiving Game in 2004, with Destiny’s Child. Through flashback, the audience learns just what happened on the day that Lynn is being hailed for, and the inner conflicts he is struggling with, when considering whether or not to go back to Iraq. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Home

The Boov – a brightly coloured and so-ugly-they’re-cute race of aliens – have been on the run from their mortal enemy for a long time. Running from planet to planet, they find themselves at Earth and relocate the humans to custom-built towns so they can settle into the cities. When Oh (Jim Parsons) accidentally lets the galaxy know where The Boov are, he finds himself on the run from his own people. Tip (Rihanna) is the last human left in the city, desperately trying to find her Mum, who was taken to one of the new cities. It’s not long before Oh and Tip find each other, and realise they need one another to survive. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Big Year


For birdwatchers – or ‘birders’ – in the US, there is one ultimate dream; to complete the Big Year by seeing or hearing as many different species of bird as possible. Three strangers set out to complete this unusual challenge, and along the way they learn more about themselves and each other. Continue reading

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