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Rant – And The Oscar goes to…

So the Oscar nominations are finally out, and there is plenty to talk about. An interesting mix this year. Obviously I am delighted for The Artist, but someone made a very valid point to me yesterday about expecting a backlash against the film that is sweeping the board at awards ceremonies around the world. I am also delighted for The Tree of Life and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which were sadly ignored at the Golden Globes. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Tree of Life

In a nutshell, The Tree of Life tells the story of a small Texan family whose world is shattered when one of their members dies. In the film, the dead boy’s mother is described as Grace – calm, nurturing and patient – and his father (Brad Pitt) is Nature. Nature is the opposite to Grace; rough uncompromising, and willing to step on any one who gets in his way. While the story is essentially a microscopic look at this family, it is also the macro – a look at the universe, it’s formation and how Nature and Grace came to be. That’s where the dinosaurs come in. Continue reading

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