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Cinema Review – Life of Crime

Criminals Ordell (Yasiin Bey – AKA Mos Def) and Louis (John Hawkes) come up with a plan to make some quick money; kidnap Mickey (Jennifer Aniston), the wife of a rich man who has made some questionable investments, then retire on the ransom money. Their plan goes awry however, when it is discovered that Frank (Tim Robbins) plans to divorce Mickey, and may not pay the ransom money. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Thanks for Sharing

Three recovering sex addicts – Adam (Mark Ruffalo), Mike (Tim Robbins) and Neil (Josh Gad) – negotiate the perils of their sobriety as life throws a series of challenges at them. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is just the type of person to have a superhero movie set around him. He is like a combination of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Doctor Who, he is completely sure of his own abilities and has no room in his life for modesty. Jordan works as a military pilot, but when a green bubble picks him up and transports him to the side of a dying alien, his life is changed. Hal inherits a mystical ring, a lantern and some cool powers, and before long he is defending the Earth from a rather annoyed force called the Parallax. Continue reading

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