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Cinema Review – Nocturnal Animals

Susan Morro (Amy Adams) seems to have everything in life; a beautiful home, a charming husband (Armie Hammer) and a fulfilling job as an art gallery owner, but she still feels unfulfilled and restless. When her ex-band Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her a copy of the novel that he has finally finished writing, Susan finds herself engrossed with the tale of Tony Hastings (Jake Gyllenhaal), and one horrifying event that changes his life forever. As Susan becomes more obsessed with the story she is reading, she realises the connections between this tale, and the past she had with Edward. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – A Single Man

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood and follows what is potentially the last day of college professor, George’s life. George’s partner of 16 years, Jim (Matthew Goode) recently died in a car accident, and the film watches as George almost ritually prepares to commit suicide. What George did not account for is that life would get in the way of death – several people interrupt George’s plans throughout the day… A wonderfully mixed up and bewildered Charly (Julianne Moore), George’s student Kenny (Nicholas Hoult) and Jennifer (Ryan Simpkins), the young daughter of his next door neighbour. Continue reading

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