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Cinema Review – xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

Long believed to be dead, former xXx agent Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) comes out of retirement when a powerful weapon known as Pandora’s Box is stolen from the CIA. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Blinky Bill: The Movie

A year after Blinky Bill’s (Ryan Kwanten) father left the family home in Green Patch and set out on an adventure, he still has not returned. With goanna Cranklepot (Barry Otto) determined to take over the village, Blinky sets out on an adventure to find his dad and bring him back home. Continue reading

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Cinema Review -Krampus

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and happiness, but Max (Emjay Anthony) starts off his festive season fighting with another kid at school for saying Santa isn’t real. Things go from bad to worse when his cousins come for Christmas and quickly tease him for still believing in Santa. After he tears up his letter to Santa, a blizzard hits the town, cutting the family off from the rest of civilisation, and when their number begin to disappear, the truth becomes clear; Krampus got Max’s letter asking for kindness and a Christmas spent with his family, and has come to bring him the exact opposite. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Miss You Already

Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been friends since they were small children, and inseparable for most of that time. When Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer, Jess does everything she can to support Milly and her young family, but at the same time, she is trying for a baby of her own with her partner Jago (Paddy Considine), which throws the two womens’ relationship into new, uncharted territory. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Glassland

John (Jack Reynor) finds himself at the end of his tether when his mother Jean (Toni Collette) is hospitalised for alcohol poisoning. Determined to get her the help she needs, John turns to a shadowy underworld that he has skirted the edges of in the past. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector (Simon Pegg) is a psychiatrist, who discovers that he is wildly unhappy in his perfectly ordered life. Taking a chance, and leaving his girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) behind, Hector heads on a trip around the world to find out what makes people happy, with the hope that he will find some happiness of his own. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Tammy

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is having a terrible day; she hits a deer with her car, gets fired and finds her husband cheating on her, so she does what any maladjusted person would do, hits the road with her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon) to see Niagra Falls. Along the way the two women realise they have more in common than they thought, and perhaps running away is not the answer. Continue reading

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JDIFF Review – A Long Way Down

On New Year’s Eve, disgraced former TV presenter Martin (Pierce Brosnan) climbs to a spot in London, favoured by suicides with the intent of jumping from the roof and joining their number. As he contemplates his last few moments on earth, three strangers, all of whom had the same idea, join him on the roof. As the four flippantly reveal their reasons for ending their lives, a tenuous bond is formed between them. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Enough Said

Masseuse Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) discovers that one of her clients is the ex-husband of Albert (James Gandolfini), the man she has just started seeing. Eva uses her connection to find out more about the man she is dating, but soon learns that there is a fine line between information, and too much information. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Way Way Back

Duncan (Liam James) is a shy 14 year old brought on holiday with his mother (Toni Collette), her boyfriend (Steve Carrell) and his daughter, Steph (Zoe Levin). Neither a child nor an adult, Duncan is desperate to find a place where he belongs, and makes an unexpected friend in the manager of a water park, Owen (Sam Rockwell). Continue reading

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